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Tell us what you think

Tell us what you think

It was about time the Arizona Capitol Times got a new Web site. It was obvious that we had outgrown the old one. There’s just too much going on at the Capitol – and we needed a better, more efficient way to bring you the news. So, here it is.

I originally intended to write a note explaining all the new features, but decided against it. Instead, we want you to spend a few minutes looking it over and then add your comments/suggestions below. Tell us what you like and what you would like to see us change in the future. And be totally candid. We like honesty.

  1. Amanda Crawford
    Amanda Crawford06-18-2009

    I think the site looks good — easy to read and navigate. It is a really good idea to separate the free content from the subscriber-only content. Finding ways to monetize the Internet has been the major challenge for media companies. Clearly showing what content is for everyone and what content is only available by subscription is a good way to keep non-subscribers visiting the site while at the same time showing them what they are missing.

  2. George Staropoli
    George Staropoli06-19-2009

    I congratulate ACT for going modern and, by that, providing easier access for commenting on events at the Capitol.

    My concern that this growth may be a step to becoming another “corporate media” news source, who’s objectivity gets slanted by advertising revenues. I have noticed the recent cooperation with the Republic. I hope ACT doesn’t get caught in the corporate media vortex.

    The Arizona Capitol Times has remained the only voice not afraid to inform the people of what is going on in our government, to take unpopular positions, or to publish unpopular or controversial positions. Keep it up.

  3. Bruce David
    Bruce David06-19-2009

    Keep up the splendid work…it’s difficult to find an independent voice!

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