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What’s on tap

What’s on tap

The Senate is back in full gear today, trying to make up for lost time on non-budget bills. After working the past two Fridays, the chamber seems intent on finishing work on at least some of the measures that have sat idle for the past five months. Something like 80 bills up for third-reads today.

Also, the House is planning to COW and third-read a bill this afternoon that would allow Tucson to create a special taxing district to pay for spring training facilities, which would allow the city, presumably, to continue hosting pre-season baseball. But the bill might not mean diddly since the Rockies and Diamondbacks both have indicated they want to leave Tucson and are pursuing options with other host cities.

Then, there’s the deadline for the governor to file her arguments to the Arizona Supreme Court by the end of the day. The Legislature waited until the last minute before it’s deadline Friday to file its arguments, and the governor is likely to do the same. So, we’re planning on getting our hands on that paperwork late this afternoon. What her office files, however, probably won’t surprise anyone, since Gov. Brewer already has outlined her arguments to the public.

That’s some of what’s on tap for the rest of Monday. As for tomorrow, we hear there’s likely to be discussion in the House Government Committee on a measure sponsored by Sen. Jack Harper that would permit the state to send a recommendation to Congress that the United States should pull out of the United Nations. Should be interesting, anyway…

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