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Random comments on budget

Random comments on budget

It’s likely a lot of people will want to weigh in on the budget proposal the House voted through last night. So, I’ll post ’em as I get ’em. Already received a few statements in my e-mail inbox this morning. And lawmakers had a few things to say last night after the vote.

Let’s start with Attorney General Terry Goddard, who blasted not only the Legislature, but the governor as well. Go figure. Here’s his statement:

“The Legislature and governor have, once again, failed in their most basic constitutional duty – passing a balanced budget. This gridlock just makes Arizona’s economic situation worse and reveals a total lack of leadership at the Capitol.”

Here’s something from the governor:

“I’m very grateful for what happened over in the House and I think that we will be successful,” Gov. Jan Brewer said after meeting with Sen. Pamela Gorman. The governor was referring to the House’s passage of the budget deal.  

Now Gorman:

“I can’t even begin to tell you what’s wrong with this (proposal),” she said.

From the House:

“Folks, sometimes being down here is pure hell. And that’s what it is right now: pure hell,” said Rep. Ray Barnes, a Phoenix Republican who supported the budget package.

“It’s either take this deal, settle on a worse deal or run out of money and leave schools and everyone else in the lurch, and I just can’t do that,” said Rep. Debbie Lesko, a Glendale Republican.

Arizona Democratic Party Chair Don Bivens put this in a statement:

“Arizona is a full month into the new fiscal year, but the governor and Republicans are still stuck back on June 30. There is no budget. There is no legitimate inclusion of duly elected Democrats. Nothing has been accomplished. Their failed leadership has repeated itself day after day, while our state continues to suffer. Arizona needs a strong governor, but what we have instead is a Republican-led deadlock.”

More to come, and don’t forget comments are encouraged.

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