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Monthly Archive for: ‘April, 2010’

  • Everyone wants to weigh in on Arizona’s new immigration law

    Every time a major piece of legislation is signed or a controversial bill advances, I get bombarded with press releases from notable people and organizations that want to weigh in. Today, as expected, my inbox was flooded with reaction to the new immigration law, S1070.

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  • Boxing Commission expedites hearing, reinstates Diaz’ boxing license

    The Arizona Boxing Commission has reinstated Joe Diaz’ boxing license. The commission voted unanimously this afternoon to restore the license that was stripped from Diaz five years ago. The hearing was originally scheduled to take place three days ago, but commissioners agreed to reschedule it when …

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  • Diaz’ hearing postponed; 25 subpoenas on the way

    The Arizona Boxing Commission rarely has to deal with dozens of subpoenas and the prospect of 10 hours of witness testimony for a simple licensing hearing. Yet that’s exactly the scenario that was laid out by Joe Diaz’ attorneys this morning.

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  • Put Diaz back in the ring

    For the past five years, Diaz has operated as a sort of boxing outcast. He is an unsanctioned expert who still runs Joe Diaz’ Top Level Boxing Gym on Ninth Avenue, which has retained a small band of followers. He still works with his most-prized fighter, Ramon “Yori Boy” Campas. And, perhaps more importantly, Diaz is still tough as nails.

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  • Predictions break up repetition on the Capitol chicken circuit

    I have been a regular on the Capitol luncheon circuit for the past three years, which qualifies me a connoisseur of chicken, political speeches and the sauces that they put on chicken to make it seem like their chicken is different than the last chicken.

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