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  • Writing on the wall, and Freedom’s bankruptcy

    The East Valley Tribune’s parent company, Freedom Communications Inc., is seeking bankruptcy protection after several years of declining revenue and massive shake-ups at its largest newspapers. The corporation owns a handful of TV stations and more than 30 daily papers, including its flagship Orange County …

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  • Poll: Brewer very unpopular among voters

    A new poll was released today (Aug. 31), and the results don’t bode well for Gov. Jan Brewer’s chances for election to a full term. It also looks bad for the Arizona Legislature. Apparently, voters are fed up with Brewer and state lawmakers – Brewer …

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  • Brewer needs leverage, lacks incentive to back down

    It’s extremely unlikely that Gov. Jan Brewer will sign all of the budget bills that the Legislature sent to her Aug. 20. She has nothing to gain and everything to lose by allowing this budget to stand.

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  • What about those five-way talks?

    It looks like Republican lawmakers are putting a lot of pressure on a few Senate Democrats in hopes that at least one of them can be lured into voting for the budget package. Likely suspects include Sens. Albert Hale, Manny Alvarez and Richard Miranda. But …

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  • Three holdouts not budging on budget

    Don’t expect the budget to gain much traction this week – at least not the version passed by the House that includes a mix of income tax cuts, a 5 percent reduction in the state work force and a ballot referral for a sales tax increase. …

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  • Random comments on budget

    It’s likely a lot of people will want to weigh in on the budget proposal the House voted through last night. So, I’ll post ’em as I get ’em. Already received a few statements in my e-mail inbox this morning. And lawmakers had a few things …

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  • Gorman stays; turnout in House questionable

    It now appears as though the Senate is going to push one more time for a budget. And at least one key member who was planning a vacation has indicated she will stick around for one more day. Sen. Pamela Gorman said last night she would …

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  • Dems back in?

    The Senate has adjourned, which can’t be a good sign for those who were fond of the most recent budget proposal. It sounds like there will be lawmakers missing on Thursday and Friday – lawmakers who were expected to vote yes on the budget legislation – …

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  • Is a budget deal close, or is it just smoke?

    It sounds as though we might finally see some action on the budget. But, then again, that might just be what they want us to think. If I sound paranoid, it’s only because I’m delirious after seven months of budget yammering. Anyway, my point is …

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  • 19 lawmakers absent on first day of special session

    Seventy lawmakers registered votes on all four of the budget bills that were passed by the Legislature July 6. One senator, Russell Pearce of Mesa, voted on a couple of the bills but skipped out on the two education-related measures.  The other 19 lawmakers were …

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