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Leah Landrum

Candidate for Arizona Senate in Legislative District 27
Phone: (602) 224-0210
Twitter: @LeahForSenate
Phoenix, AZ 85041.

Age: 45. (08/23/66, Phoenix, AZ).

Arizona since: Birth.

Occupation: Small business owner.

Marital: Married (Gregory Taylor, mechanical engineer).

Children: 3.

Education: B.A. and Master’s degree, political science, ASU; attended the John F. Kennedy School of Government at Harvard University; Xavier College Preparatory.

Political experience: Two runs for House in 1994 and 1996; vice-chair, District 16, since 1997; precinct committee work since 1995.

Legis exp: Senate since 2007; asst Dem leader since 2011; House 1999-2006; asst Dem leader 2003-04; Dem whip 2001-2002.

Memberships: Founder and vice-president, Landrum Foundation; senior adviser, AZ Children’s Assn; alumna of American Council of Young Political Leaders; Aspen-Rodel Fellow; founder, AZ African American Legislative Days.

Political influence: Art Hamilton, as he was a brilliant strategist and worked very well across the aisle and within his own caucus.

Job creation measures: My first measure would be to sponsor legislation that provides incentives for employers that hire individuals that either are veterans or who have been unemployed. In following, I would sponsor legislation that provides additional incentives for small businesses to expand, thus being able to hire more employees.

Top Issues: My priorities are job creation, health care access for those in need, education and child welfare needs.

Prop 100 sales tax extension: I favor extending it for a longer period of time as this would directly help education.

Illegal immigration: I find U.S. immigration policy in need of reform at the federal level. I envision this policy to be comprehensive and effective, while continuing to keep our borders safe.

Background & experience: As a 10 year adjunct faculty member of Maricopa Community Colleges and owning my own preschool, this has aided me in keeping with current educational needs as well as needs and concerns of small business owners.

Pro-life / pro-choice: As my voting record has shown, I am pro choice. In addition, I have always been a proponent of parents having to authorize a minor to have an abortion, except in cases of incest.

One last thing: As a fourth generation native Phoenician, I am indebted to the great state of Arizona as it has provided me and my family with great opportunity. However, I want to ensure that opportunity continues to be there for all future generations of Arizona – and this is what motivates me to serve each and every day. More importantly, this is precisely why I will continue to fight for education until it is a cornerstone of Arizona – as I know our children are truly our best investment and path to a prosperous future.

Campaign finance: private.

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