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Michele Reagan

Candidate for Arizona Senate in Legislative District 23
Phone: (480) 922-7370
Twitter: @votereagan
5235 N Woodmere Fairway, Scottsdale, AZ 85250.

Age: 42. (10/13/69, Rockford, IL).

Arizona since: 1991.

Occupation: Owner, Fast Signs, 1992-2002.

Marital: Married (David).

Children: 1 step-daughter.

Religious preference: Presbyterian.

Education: B.S., communications, Illinois State University, 1991.

Political experience: Precinct committeeman and state committeeman; former treasurer, Dist 28, 1999-2000; Scottsdale Republic Forum.

Legis exp: Senate since 2011; House 2003-2010.

Memberships: AZ Small Business Assn; bd member, Citizens Action for the Arts; NFIB; bd member, Scottsdale Foundation for the Handicapped; Women of Scottsdale; Scottsdale Leadership Advisory Council; Paradise Republican Women.

Interests: Reading, running, tennis, my dogs.

Political influence: Sandra Day O’Connor. She is intelligent, feisty, polite, charming and gracious. She helped put women in Arizona on the map, and continues to this day to be an inspiration to many.

Job creation measures: Raising the business personal property tax exemption – allow businesses to grow and expand without penalizing them with this tax! Venture capital – find ways we can attract more venture capital investment to our state. Capital attracts more capital!

Top Issues: Maintaining a free market environment for businesses by reducing the regulations on businesses, and keep the federal government from interfering in our economic recovery and growth.

Prop 100 sales tax extension: Absolutely not, we made a promise to the voters that it was temporary!

Illegal immigration: Secure the border. It is a travesty that this hasn’t happened yet! Enforce the laws that are already on the books, then examine ways to allow workers in the industries that need labor to hire individuals without allowing citizenship. Arizona has the opportunity to create a national model regarding immigration.

Background & experience: Being part of my family’s business for 10 years taught me more than I could have imagined about making policy. Oftentimes legislation sounds good, but it would have unintended consequences that could be devastating to particular businesses. There are generally two different mentalities at the Capitol – those that have signed the back of a paycheck, and those that have also signed the front.

Pro-life / pro-choice: I take each piece of legislation and decide how I am going to vote on its merits and the consequences it could have on health care. I do not blindly follow either side of this issue. I do not personally agree with abortion, but there is good policy and bad policy. I feel a legislator must view the abortion related bills the same way.

One last thing: I generally don’t seek to make headlines, but rather put my head down and work hard at whatever I do. I love working as a senator. I represent a fantastic district and even after 10 years, it continues to be an honor to serve.

Campaign finance: private.

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