• Quayle bounces back, emerges victorious in CD3

    Ben Quayle didn’t even have an election night party planned. The 33-year-old attorney and son of former Vice President Dan Quayle had been raked over the coals for weeks leading up to the Republican primary in Arizona’s 3rd Congressional District, and several internal polls leading up to the election showed that he’d fallen from the frontrunner’s perch. But signs of Quayle’s demise turned out to be overblown.

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  • Arizona voters picking party nominees for Congress

    Voters across Arizona are choosing party nominees for the state’s eight congressional districts in Tuesday’s primary.

  • Matt Bunk discusses claims that Moak made millions off charity

    Arizona Capitol Times Managing Editor Matt Bunk discusses Steve Moak’s alleged business improprieties and the GOP primary in Arizona’s 3rd Congressional District.

  • Quayle claims Moak made millions off charity; Moak says not so

    Businessman and philanthropist Steve Moak has been on the defense this week after political rival Ben Quayle claimed in a flyer that Moak used his nonprofit charity to make millions for his former company.

  • Moak's loans helping to catch Quayle in fundraising (access required)

    Businessman Steve Moak is challenging attorney Ben Quayle’s financial dominance in the Republican race in Arizona’s 3rd Congressional District.

  • Quayle’s ties to 'The Dirty' founder began in 2005

    Ben Quayle now admits that in 2007 he used a pseudonym to contribute to the voyeuristic website, DirtyScottsdale.com, which later became TheDirty.com, after first denying any affiliation with the site.

    Gordon James, who is working for the Quayle campaign, said Quayle contributed to the site under a pseudonym. James would not say which pseudonym Quayle used, but did not rule out that Quayle had contributed to the site under the name “Brock Landers,” a fictional character in the movie Boogie Nights.

  • Family affair in CD3 with campaign mouthpieces

    After the CD3 race was thrust into the national spotlight, largely because of a blog on the Arizona Capitol Times website, the Quayle campaign replaced its press contact.

  • Quayle’s letter to Napolitano: You are wrong about border security

    As a former governor of Arizona, you know the devastating effects illegal immigration and the Mexican drug cartels have on our state. As secretary of Homeland Security, you know the Tucson Sector along Arizona’s southern border has become the gateway for drug cartels and human smuggling activity.

  • STRIKE EVERYTHING: Quayle mailers a bit deceiving

    Two recent mailers sent by the Ben Quayle campaign contain some curious images and statements by the 33-year-old lawyer and flush-with-cash candidate in Arizona’s crowded 3rd Congressional District primary.

  • Money Mania: In down economy, candidates are flush with cash (access required)

    At a time when the state treasury is reeling from a multi-billion dollar deficit, jobs are scarce and many residents are losing their homes to foreclosure, Arizona’s candidates for federal office appear to be recession-proof.