• Thomas defends bankruptcy, failure to pay daughter’s medical bills (access required)

    Senate candidate Robert Thomas, a Phoenix Republican who is touting himself as a successful businessman, filed for personal bankruptcy in 1994 and he was a wanted man in Mississippi for four years after a judge found him in contempt of court for failing to pay his daughters’ medical bills.

  • Associated General Contractors back 41 candidates

    The Arizona Chapter of Associated General Contractors unveiled their list of 41 endorsements for the 2010 legislative election July 27.

  • Arizona Realtors back 78 statewide and legislative candidates

    The Arizona Association of Realtors endorsed 78 statewide and legislative candidates the group says promote issues important to homeowners, Realtors and the real estate industry.

  • Phoenix Chamber endorses 36 candidates

    The Greater Phoenix Chamber of Commerce released its list of Arizona House and Senate candidate endorsements on July 6.

  • Ariz. Supreme Court: Huppenthal stays on ballot (access required)

    Sen. John Huppenthal, a Republican who is running for Superintendent of Public Instruction, survived another court challenge and will stay on the ballot.

  • Candidate challenges at-a-glance

    Here are the results, and pending appeals, of petition challenges against congressional, statewide and legislative candidates — and one justice of the peace candidate.

  • Complaints force 9 from ballot

    More than half of the candidates whose petition signatures were challenged this election cycle either were kicked off the ballot by a judge or withdrew voluntarily in the face of a likely courtroom defeat.

  • Chamber endorses 44 Republicans, 8 Democrats (access required)

    The Arizona Chamber of Commerce and Industry on June 22 released its candidate endorsements for the state House and Senate. The business group endorsed 52 candidates – 17 Senate and 35 House candidates – who they said share the Chamber’s “pro-business, free-market agenda.”

  • Candidate challenges (access required)

    Here’s a list of congressional, statewide and legislative candidates — and one justice of the peace candidate — whose petition signatures were challenged. Unresolved challenges are still pending.

  • Primary Matchups (access required)

    The national electoral climate has been portrayed as a battle by incumbents to keep their seats against a groundswell of anti-incumbency sentiment.