• Republicans Proud, Williams lead in LD26 House race

    A Republican spending spree to knock off Rep. Nancy Young Wright appears to be working.

  • Melvin re-elected in LD26 Senate race

    Sen. Al Melvin, a Republican from Tucson, was elected to a second term in Legislative District 26.

  • Dems hold financial edge in contested races (access required)

    Many Republicans in highly competitive Senate races are facing a financial disadvantage going into the general election.

  • House contests in 5 districts rate a close look (access required)

    Swing districts will play prominently in a handful of House races this year. And in most, Democrats will be on defense while Republicans will be trying to regain seats they traditionally held and lost in recent years.

  • 4 Senate seats in play heading into general election (access required)

    Lopsided voter registration figures in many of Arizona’s legislative districts will weigh heavily against Senate candidates in the general election, but Republicans and Democrats are expecting a more level playing field in at least four Senate races.

  • IE groups spend more freely sans matching funds (access required)

    Rep. Adam Driggs, who is in a three-way Senate race for the Republican Party’s nomination in Legislative District 11, has received a huge boost from independent groups. But he’s not the only one.

  • Moderate candidates among those endorsed by Brewer (access required)

    Most of Gov. Jan Brewer’s recent primary endorsements have been for out-of-state candidates, but now Brewer is officially weighing in on some of the state’s most contested GOP battles. Several of the candidates Brewer is pushing for in contested primaries are percieved to be the moderates in their races.

  • Arizona Realtors back 78 statewide and legislative candidates

    The Arizona Association of Realtors endorsed 78 statewide and legislative candidates the group says promote issues important to homeowners, Realtors and the real estate industry.

  • Chamber endorses 44 Republicans, 8 Democrats (access required)

    The Arizona Chamber of Commerce and Industry on June 22 released its candidate endorsements for the state House and Senate. The business group endorsed 52 candidates – 17 Senate and 35 House candidates – who they said share the Chamber’s “pro-business, free-market agenda.”

  • Primary Matchups (access required)

    The national electoral climate has been portrayed as a battle by incumbents to keep their seats against a groundswell of anti-incumbency sentiment.