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Senators sound off – pros and cons of immigration issue

Here are excerpts from some Senate floor speeches this morning:
Sen. Ron Gould, R-3: “We need to remember that today’s march is not about racism or the color of somebody’s skin,” he said. “It’s about the rule of law. These folks want amnesty. Maybe taxpayers should rally and send a message to the United States Senate that we don’t want to pay taxes anymore. Maybe if we get enough people on the street, they’ll change the law for us.”
Sen. Edward Ableser, D-17, told senators there is a higher law than U.S. law, “which is the Bible. And in Leviticus 19-33: ‘When an alien resides with you in your land, you shall not oppress the alien. When the alien resides with you, it shall be as a citizen. You shall love the alien as yourself, for you were once alien yourself.’”
Sen. Richard Miranda, D-13: “The Congress has failed to address the issues for many years. I am not the enemy. I certainly am not a terrorist, as has been suggested. And I’m prepared to participate as an American citizen.”
Sen. Robert Blendu, R-12: “I am concerned that they don’t care what flag they carry. Last week it was the Mexican flag, this week American flag for PR purposes. They have succeeded in doing something the terrorists have not been able to do and that is to shut our government down, effectively.”
Sen. Victor Soltero, D-29, said his brothers were not allowed to swim with Anglos…they later volunteered to serve in World War II. “Every body with a brown face is not a criminal or here to take advantage of the system.”
Sen. Jack Harper, R-4, called the immigration reform bill in the U.S. Senate “The Amnesty Bill Horror.”
Sen. Thayer Verschoor, R-22: “Our arms are open to those who come here legally, but you cannot expect those who come here illegally to be given amnesty.”
Den. Dean Martin, R-6: “This is very much about character as to whether following the law means anything.”
Sen. Linda Gray, R-10, said she took pictures of the U.S. flag placed upside down by march organizers on the lawn of the House. She asked them why it was up upside down. “We’re in distress,” she said she was told. “It was not an accident the flag was upside down. I find that highly offensive,” Ms. Gray said.
Senate Minority Leader Linda Aguirre, D-16: “Could the workers have been saying that they were distressed because they were in a hurry≠ Could they have been distressed because they didn’t know what they were doing and accidentally put in the flag upside down≠”
Sen. Barbara Leff, R-11: “It’s time to say no. Close the border now.”
Sen. Robert Cannell, D-24: “The border is an exciting place and has huge potential economically. All this political posturing we’ve gone through the past several years has accomplished nothing to fix that problem. The vast majority of people who march in that parade today will be patriots and citizens.”

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