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Pack to school drive

Brittnie loads rulers and school supplies onto a bus at the Capitol today.

Brittnie, who lives in a shelter for homeless families, hefts a box of rulers destined for schools with disadvantaged youths. Governor Napolitano’s Office for Children, Youth and Families coordinated a drive to collect pencils, notebooks and other school supplies for 7,500 schoolchildren in 35 schools. Governor Napolitano, the kids, state employees, the Salvation Army, Sleep America, Harris Printers and 94.5 KOOL-FM, loaded the bus with supplies at the Capitol today. State employees donated most of the items.

Donations will be accepted through July 28 — look for red barrels in the lobby of the Executive Tower at the Capitol, or donate at Sleep America stores anywhere in the state. Items needed include No. 2 pencils, erasers, notebooks, crayons, dictionaries, backpacks, calculators, blunt scissors, glue sticks, loose leaf paper.
Photo by Bill Coates
July 13, 2006

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