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Will Cardinals' red turn pink≠

Restaurant empire owners Peter and Harry Morton have proposed a $35 million deal to name the new Cardinals stadium, either “Pink Taco Stadium” or “Morton Stadium.” The announcement is expected to be made at a press conference today.
Peter and Harry Morton, owners of Hard Rock Café, Morton’s Steakhouse and Pink Taco, have already laid down $5 million and have offered the Cardinals a $30 million deal over 10 years, said Jason Rose of Rose & Allyn Public Relations.
He told the Arizona Capitol Times this morning the Cardinals want a 25-year deal, which he said is “not prohibitive.”
The Mortons recently sold off part of their empire for $1.1 billion and, coincidentally, are friends with newly-signed Cardinals QB Matt Leinart.
The Pink Taco restaurant name in Scottsdale created quite a controversy in Scottsdale, and Mayor Mary Manross wants the name changed.
Mr. Rose said Pink Taco Stadium would be the Morton’s first choice, “but we’re also open to ‘Morton Stadium,’ as well.
“It’s a very audacious and potentially ingenious marketing move,” he said. “They’re not screwing around.”
Under the controversial ballot measure approved in 2000, the Cardinals receive all proceeds from naming rights.
“This is pretty out of the box, but [Cardinals Vice President] Michael Bidwill has been pretty aggressive lately,” Mr. Rose said, adding the Mortons would back off the Pink Taco name if there were a lot of objections.
Modeling superstar Claudia Schiffer is also an investor with the Mortons in the proposed naming deal.
Brad Parker at the Arizona Sports and Tourism Authority, which owns the stadium, says the legislative and voter-approved authority has approval rights over the name of the stadium, and the name must meet “community decency” standards. He would not comment on the proposed name of Pink Taco Stadium.
“We have decency standards that would have to fit.”
Glendale Mayor Elaine Scruggs said, “I have no reaction; it’s a state matter.”

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