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Key Senate Primaries

Toni Hellon

Hellon vs. Melvin
This is the upset among Senate races. All Children Matter — Arizona also put out a mailer for Al Melvin, who has apparently unseated Sen. Toni Hellon. The mailer says, “Toni Hellon votes like a liberal,” and has her photo in line with those of John Kerry, Hillary Clinton and Al Gore. The school choice organization is a Michigan PAC. With 67.8% of the vote, Ms. Hellon trailed Mr. Melvin 44.7 percent to 55.3 precent.
Ms. Hellon said she’s OK with the loss. “Maybe I’ll wake up in the morning and feel bad, but I’m OK with this,” she said. Ms. Hellon added she feels bad because her loss will mean one less vote for Sen. Tim Bee for Senate president.
O’Halleran vs. Stoll
In this is a pivotal race for Republican moderates, Rep. Tom O’Halleran won nomination to the Senate, fending off a more conservative Will Stoll. With 81.4 percent of polls reporting, Mr. O’Halleran had a 50.7 percent lead over Stoll’s 43.1 percent. Had Mr. Stoll been able to get another 6 percent of the vote, it would have been a razor thin race. Elise Townsend, who withdrew from the race last month but whose name had already been printed on the ballot, received 6.2 percent of the vote.
Allen vs. Rosati
Sen. Carolyn Allen had no problems beating Rep. Colette Rosati, calling her win a victory for her district and a sign of confidence its voters have in her. With 81.4 percent of the vote in, Ms. Allen had 55.4 percent to Ms. Rosati’s 44.6 percent. She said she was “devastated by the loss of fellow moderate Sen. Toni Hellon, but encouraged by Mr. O’Halleran’s win.
Other Senate contests
Gorman vs. Carpenter
Rep. Pamela Gorman will face a Democrat in November to replace Sen. Dean Martin, who is running for state treasurer. She has defeated Rep. Ted Carpenter by a 2-1 margin with 98.5 percent of the vote in.
Bedgood vs. Verschoor
Sen. Thayer Verschoor wins handily, 56.6 percent to 43.4 percent, with 95.2 percent of the vote in.
Aboud vs. Downing
In the only Senate Democrat primary and one of the nastiest in recent memory, Rep. Ted Downing has apparently lost his bid to unseat Sen. Paula Aboud, although he would not concede tonight. He had been the subject of not only a push poll supporting Ms. Aboud but a Republican robo-call push last weekend criticizing his voting record. Ms. Aboud, who leads with 82.6 percent of the vote in with 54.2 percent, said Tucson voters know who has done more for the city. Said Downing, “There are many ways to act poltically in this state without holding office. I have a new freedom.”

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