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Student coalition launches campaign to increase college vote

Imran Kirkland speaks on behalf of a drive to increase the youth vote. Mr. Kirkland, a student leader from Arizona State University West joined student leaders (from left) Jessi Pederson, Ross Meyer and Isaac Kimes at news conference today on the Senate lawn. Tim Nelson, Governor Napolitano’s general counsel, spoke also. (Photo by Bill Coates)

A student group representing all three state universities aims to get more college-age adults registered to vote and at the ballot box come Nov. 7.
Members of the Arizona Student Vote Coalition discussed their plans at a press conference at the Capitol today. The student group is composed of the Arizona Students Association, Arizona Public Interest Research Group, and the state’s university student governments.
The Arizona Student Vote Coalition seeks a voting system in which all citizens participate to ensure democracy will be at as strong as possible.
The group hopes to educate and register thousands of Arizona students before the Oct. 9 registration deadline, with the long-term goal of turning out over 10,000 students to the polls in November.
The Coalitions registration efforts are concentrated on reaching students at Northern Arizona University, the University of Arizona and all three campuses of Arizona State University.
In 2002, only 11 percent of 18-24 years old cast their vote, while 54 percent of those older than 25 cast theirs.
This disparity has caused politicians to prioritize the issues of the voting majority, the group says. By working to decrease the gap, the Arizona Student Vote Coalitions will try to draw attention to the concerns of young voters.

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