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Arizona Senate preview

District 1
Tom O’Halleran, Republican
Josephine Kelleher, Democrat
This is a race to replace Senate President Ken Bennett, moreover one to hold serve on the number of moderates in the upper chamber since Toni Hellon lost her primary election. O’Halleran, known for his expertise on water and for bucking his caucus in the House on spending and other issues, is considered a heavy favorite over Kelleher, who has lived in Arizona for 10 years. She is a retired teacher and part-time instructor at NAU.

District 23
Cheryl Chase, Republican
Rebecca Rios, Democrat
Party people are keeping an eye on this district, where Republican registrations have begun narrowed in an historically Democrat stronghold, and Rios, some say, is vulnerable because of her preliminary votes and an absence on increasing the number of county supervisors in Pinal County.

Chase’s candidacy, on the other hand, tests the electorate’s reaction to her switch from Democrat to Republican last year.

District 24
Russ Jones, Republican
Amanda Aguirre, Democrat
This Yuma district is key for the Democrats: They must hold it or most likely lose a seat, giving Republicans a 19-11 advantage. At last report, observers saw the race as a toss-up. Jones, who says he does not always vote the party line, and Aguirre, who has benefited from two visits to the district by Governor Napolitano are currently cooperative seatmates in the House. They seek to replace Democrat Bob Cannell.

District 30
Jeffrey Chimene, Democrat
Tim Bee, Republican
Bee must get re-elected to further his hopes of becoming Senate president.

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