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Governor signs emergency powers bill

A measure that its sponsor said would help people defend themselves in a Katrina-like disaster was signed into law by Gov. Janet Napolitano, confirming earlier reports that she and the National Rifle Association have reached a compromise.
The compromise explicitly allows state officials to remove storages of ammunition from what is considered a dangerous situation, the bill’s sponsor, Sen. Jay Tibshraeny, R-21, said.
The measure, signed into law on April 18, prevents the governor from confiscating firearms and ammunition during a state emergency.
“If there is ever a time that our Second Amendment rights are most vital, it is during an emergency,” Tibshraeny said in a statement today. “The aftermath of Hurricane Katrina raised concerns for many of us and I wanted to work with the National Rifle Association to create a bill to make Arizonans feel more empowered during an emergency.”
The governor vetoed similar legislation last year.
Tibshraeny said this session the NRA had worked closely with Napolitano’s office to come up with language that is suitable to them as well as to other stakeholders.
“It is important that if we are ever in a tragic and dangerous situation, we are not left defenseless, and I am pleased to have reached a compromise that maintained the purpose and intent of the bill, and resulted in legislation the governor signed into law,” Tibshraeny said.
S1258 states that the emergency powers of the Governor, Adjutant General or other officials do not include the ability to commandeer firearms or ammunition or to restrict the lawful possession, use, sale, transfer or display of firearms or ammunition. Officials may order that stores of ammunition be moved to avoid “dangerous conditions.”

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