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Dora Schriro, director of the Arizona Department of Corrections, has been elected to serve as one of four national representatives of Western states on the Association of State Correctional Administrators (ASCA) Executive Committee. Schriro has been a member of the association since she was appointed as director of the Missouri Department of Corrections in 1993, during which time she served on the executive committee representing Midwestern states. Since Gov. Janet Napolitano appointed Schriro director of the department in June 2003, there have been reductions in inmate violence, grievances and litigations and increases in inmates readied for work and crime victim compensation and restitution.
Michael L. Gallagher, co-founding partner of business law firm Gallagher & Kennedy, P. A., has joined the board of directors of AMERCO, the parent company of
U-Haul International Inc.Gallagher has more than 30 years of law practicing experience, representing local and national clients and has expertise in representing professional sports interests, including athletes, franchises, leagues and cities.He earned a bachelor’s degree in 1966 and his juris doctor in 1970, both from Arizona State University.
Robert J. Milligan, an attorney with business law firm Gallagher & Kennedy, P. A., has been elected to the board of the Arizona Association of Healthcare Providers, the official Arizona affiliate of the American Health Lawyers Association. Milligan, the head of the firm’s health law department, is dedicated solely to the representation of individuals and companies in the health care and life sciences industries, advising clients on antitrust issues, medical research, Medicare and Medicaid reimbursement, corporate and partnership law and general business issues. He earned his bachelor’s degree at Northern Illinois University in 1975 and completed his juris doctor from DePaul University in 1980.
Elayne Achilles, Ed. D. has been appointed director of education programs for the Maricopa Partnership for Arts and Culture, succeeding Barbara Meyerson, who is retiring. Her responsibilities include developing programs that advance creativity and creative experiences for young people and promoting cultural literacy.
Achilles is a professor emeritus from the College of Teacher Education and Leadership at Arizona State University, where she taught music education courses and disseminated her research on early childhood musical development. An accomplished pianist, Achilles was selected by the ASU Office of the President as an executive on loan to the city of Phoenix, where she worked to promote music in the Head Start program. Achilles holds a bachelor’s degree in music education from Temple University, and both a master’s and a doctorate in music and education from Arizona State University.

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