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Senate preparing to pass budget plan

After the House failed to advance its budget yesterday, the Senate is poised to pass its proposal today.
“What it means to us is we’re ready to move now,” Burns said, commenting on what happened at the House. “We are going to move our budget. And I would predict that we shouldn’t have any problems with that.”
The Senate was slated to debate and vote on the bills on the floor the afternoon of May 16. Burns said the body was ready to pass the budget as early as ten days ago, but leaders opted to give the House the opportunity to finish its process.
The Senate budget, negotiated between the Democrats, the Republicans and Gov. Janet Napolitano, includes $10.6 billion in spending. It contains $46 million to pay teachers at least $33,000 annually and $7 million in tax cuts.
Because the proposal was negotiated in a bipartisan manner, Senate leaders believe they have the votes to get it through.
But some members have concerns, among them the idea of extending the maturity of highway bonds from 20 to 30 years. The cost of repaying what this move would generate is going to be very high, they said.

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