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Lawmakers take 2-day break as leaders crunch budget

For the second week in a row, the Legislature has taken a break from session as leaders resumed crunching numbers for a state budget.
Last week, senators and representatives also suspended all floor and committee work for a day to focus on budget negotiations. The House and Senate have passed competing budget versions, which they are now working to reconcile.
Lawmakers will only say publicly that progress is being made on smaller issues and that the negotiations have been civil and cordial, with the two sides coming to the table with the mindset to resolve differences.
The Legislature adjourned on June 4 and will resume floor session on June 7. The arrangement suits those who are from out of town.
“I’m actually fine with it because I’d rather go home and run my business,” said Sen. Ron Gould, R-3.
“I’m an air-conditioning contractor and with the weather warming up we got a lot to do, and it’s easier for me to handle it there than it is down here, so I’m fine with going home and coming back on Thursday,” said the senator from Lake Havasu.

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