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11-year-old honored

A lifesaver Quentin Joe is honored at the Capitol for saving his sister from a mobile home fire. Photo by Bill Coates

Quentin Joe, 11, was recognized on the House floor today for crawling through the window of his burning mobile home in Chinle to save the life of his 18-month-old sister, Philanthia Yazzie.
David Gore of the Professional Firefighters of Arizona presented Quentin with a firefighter’s helmet. Quentin later said he lost “my clothes, my XBox and my glasses” in the Jan. 6 fire. His mother, Alta Yazzie, said they also lost their home.
Rep. Albert Tom, D-2, honored Joe.
Quentin said he saw his sister sitting on the floor in the middle room of the trailer and thought, “I had to rescue her,” he said.
“He is a true-life hero,” Rep. Tom said. “It must have taken a phenomenal amount of courage for him to rush back into the burning trailer. I’m in awe of his actions.”
Yazzie’s husband died about a year before her trailer burned to the ground. Currently, the family resides in a small, traditional hogan that Yazzie’s husband built before his death. The family does not have running water or electricity.
“There is so much hardship this family has gone through,” Rep. Tom said. “I’m greatly concerned about them. I issue a challenge to the Navajo Nation entities to assist this family.”

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