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Tax reform proposals need to be easily understood

Recently, an East Valley newspaper ran an editorial concerning the Arizona Tax Revolt. The chairman of the organization, Marc Goldstone, has introduced initiatives that will change the Arizona
Constitution and affect funding for special districts.
Mr. Goldstone acknowledges that “the two measures include complex, arcane formulas.”
Arcane is defined as difficult or impossible to understand.
Since these initiatives have such a tremendous effect on our lives, they should not be understood by only a few or a special interest group. There should be nothing mysterious or hard to understand when is comes to educating our children or protecting our lives and property. They should be easy to understand and make sense to every voter of this state.
Far too many times, something that sounds good on the surface is fraught with the law of unintended consequences.
There are many factors when considering the funding of special taxing districts. The petition signer and voter must know how the change in funding will impact the local community. Special districts rely on local property taxes and may not have the ability to find other revenue sources.
Special districts currently have local control of their own budgets and elected board members have the ability to determine what is in the best interest of their own district. If the interests of the community are not met, the community can replace the leadership at the ballot box.
Mr. Goldstone’s theory is that one size fits all. Any reasonable person understands the fallacy of that logic. You get what you pay for.
Rick Southey, Fire Chief Bullhead City  Fire Deparment
President, Arizona Fire District Association

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