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Different name, same prestige

Mining always has been and will continue to be one of Arizona’s most important natural and economic resources. Miners have played an instrumental role in shaping our great state. As Arizonans, we must pay homage to our history, we must preserve Arizona’s resources, and we must utilize public and private partnerships that promote responsible and sustainable mining.
In an effort to promote government efficiency and effectiveness, I sponsored House Bill 2584 to combine the Arizona Department of Mines and Mineral Resources with the Arizona Geological Survey. The new merged state agency will be called Arizona Bureau of Mines and Geology. This bill is a logical step to reduce government expenses and to promote efficiency.
The new state agency will serve the same roles, the same missions, and the same constituencies as the two separate departments but with a greater breadth of internal resources and greater long-term ability to carry out the full range of their combined duties in mining and mineral resources. The Department of Mines and Mineral Resources and the Arizona Geological Survey already collaborate with and complement each other. The mining industry in Arizona will still have resources at the state level but with a larger, stronger voice to continue to have the same prestige or more, in state government.
In addition, Arizona will continue to honor its past and recognize the role of minerals in society with the Arizona Mining and Mineral Museum. More than 20,000 school children and 18,000 other people visit the museum each year. It is vital that the museum continue to commemorate the importance of mining and minerals in Arizona. The merger will help to ensure that the museum is world class.
Rep. Theresa Ulmer is a Democrat who represents District 24 in Yuma.

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