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Ethanol can be made more widely available in Arizona

The Arizona Capitol Times Feb. 29th article, “Availability of alt fuels limits use by state vehicles,” while focused on government vehicles, highlights the missing component that would help achieve increased consumer use of clean fuels in Arizona: Retail pumps.
Other components are all in place to achieve reduced vehicle emissions and energy independence. Policymakers have opened doors. Producers are making fuels. Auto manufacturers are making vehicles. And consumers are purchasing cars and trucks. But where can they go to fill up with clean fuels?
In the case of ethanol, there is only one retail E85 pump in all of Maricopa County. The cost associated with converting traditional gas pumps to handle the fuel is often cited as a major hurdle. As a result, H2620 is being spearheaded by Rep. Tom Boone to help stations make the conversion.
An equally important piece of legislation also authored by Rep. Boone, H2621, would give the state Department of Weights and Measures guidance on establishing standards for biofuels’ labeling, reporting and registration. This will ensure that consumers have peace of mind that they’re getting exactly the clean fuel they think they’re getting.
Together, these two measures will help increase access to clean fuels such as ethanol.
Tom Skelley is general manager of Pinal Energy

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