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166 days — and the last 48 hours

As I continue to decompress from the most disheartening legislative week in my short career, I still can’t fathom how the body can so easy discard good legislation in exchange for a ballot initiative that was voted down just two short years ago. 
Let’s recap the last 48 hours: The Senate went back to the floor late on the night of June 25 to finalize the budget, which was wrapped up at 5:33 a.m. 
On June 26, the House and Senate went back to work. And the House finally passed the budget at about 8:30 p.m. 
On June 27, the legislators came back to work with the anticipation of finishing up the business that needed to be completed. The items that needed to be wrapped up were the economic development incentives and tools to help move Arizona forward. 
But instead of doing the productive work that could help our economy and directly impact lives, we spent until 10:30 p.m. wrapping up  two Senate bills  that were obviously part of a deal to get  the 16th vote on the one-man, one-woman Senate Concurrent Resolution (SCR1042), which consumed the Senate for hours. 
Witnessing this unholy action brought me extreme sadness and has me questioning the motives of many people. 
The end result≠ Complete distrust among the body and no productive economic development tools that Arizona desperately needs. The president of the Senate has the authority to do a quorum call and demand the Senate show up and finish the work. But instead, the Senate left all the unfinished business on the table. 
The last 48 hours of the 48th Legislative Session is not the legacy I would have chosen to be remembered by.  
Representative Theresa Ulmer is a Democrat who represents District 24.

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