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Executive Director McCaffrey says he’s leaving state GOP

Sean McCaffrey, executive director of the Arizona Republican Party, has announced he will be vacating the position at the end of January.
“We were successful this election cycle because we had strong candidates, a strong message, and a strong organization that stayed focused regardless of what the opposition sent our way,” McCaffrey said.
State GOP Chairman Randy Pullen said of McCaffrey’s departure: “We were outspent 5-to-1 or more by the Democrats in our target districts, but the team Sean McCaffrey assembled and the operations we put into place simply overwhelmed the money Democrats were throwing into the campaigns.”
McCaffrey said he intends to stay in Arizona and set up his own communications and lobbying firm or seek employment with an existing firm. McCaffrey, a veteran of campaigns and elections, has more than a decade of campaign experience at the federal, state and local levels.
In addition to consulting on top U.S. House, Senate and gubernatorial races across the country, in 1999 he served as an aide to Lt. Col. Oliver North, founder of Freedom Alliance, assisting with North’s nationally syndicated column, radio show and television show, “Equal Time,” on MSNBC.
Lisa James, who was recently elected state committeewoman in District 8, is rumored to be mounting a challenge to unseat Pullen, to whom she lost by four votes in the January 2007 election for state party chairman.

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