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House Republicans enter the blogosphere

The Arizona House Republican Caucus was already using Twitter and Facebook, but state GOP representatives now have added blogging to their online arsenal.
Posts on http://www.azhouserepublicans.com/ were time stamped as early as 3:27 p.m. April 6, but the site was not announced to the public until the next day.
By the afternoon of April 7, five messages had been posted on the site, including a commentary on the Abortion Consent Act from Rep. Nancy Barto and a video of House Speaker Kirk Adams and Senate President Bob Burns on the KAET-Channel 8 program “Horizon.”
The first few posts were written by House majority communications staff to “get the ball rolling,” said Becky Blackburn, a House majority spokeswoman. After only a few days, however, the site had more than a dozen posts by individual lawmakers.
The site also includes links to GOP photos and an organized sidebar of topics, such as budget, abortion and healthcare. Posts are “tagged” with appropriate labels for easier navigation.

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