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Brewer applies for stimulus aid, outlines its use

Arizona is on track to receive more than $1 billion in federal stimulus aid now that the state has formally applied to receive the money and indicated how it intends to spend it.

Gov. Jan Brewer, who has faced weeks of calls from lawmakers to apply for the funding, filed the application with the federal government May 21. As part of the application for the first portion of the money, about $557 million for education, she outlined where the money would be spent.

The remaining $275 million of the education money will be distributed in the fall, following a more detailed application.

In the current fiscal year, $250 million will be spent on K-12 education, $154 million will go to the universities and community colleges will receive $29 million.

She also identified nearly $400 million in stimulus spending on education for the upcoming fiscal year, which begins in July. In that year, K-12 will receive $224 million, universities will get $146 million and $29 million will go to community colleges. That money will be used to restore funding cuts made by lawmakers in recent months and more that are expected next month.

However, Brewer only identified how she intends to spend the bulk of the education stimulus money. The state will also receive $185 million in general stimulus aid that she can spend however she wishes over the next three fiscal years, and she gave no specifics on how that money would be distributed.But the application does say she plans to use it on education reform, health care, children's programs, public safety, technology and economic development.

The application said Brewer would "assign allocations to these categories at later dates as necessary."

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