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Pederson launches Web site; source says the Democrat is “leaning” toward candidacy

Like two potential Republican gubernatorial candidates have done, Democrat Jim Pederson has launched a Web site to post opinions related to Arizona government.

The Web site, http://www.standupforarizona.com, encourages readers to post comments about legislative leaders, who the Democrat says “have seemingly lost their way.”

“Arizona is on the wrong track, and the people of this state have been left out of the process for way too long now,” Pederson stated in a press release. One of his favorite quips is: “There’s more common sense to be found around a kitchen table than at the Legislature.”

Republicans John Munger and Hugh Hallman also have established Web sites, www.imaginearizona.com and www.hughhallman.com. Still, Munger says he’s not a candidate, and Hallman sidesteps the question.

Several politicos have told the Yellow Sheet Report that potential candidates – even if they deny they’re running – are merely waiting to see how strong Gov. Jan Brewer will be after the legislative session. A source close to Pedersen said “he’s leaning” toward a candidacy.

The source, who spoke on condition of anonymity, was asked to describe the relationship between Pederson and Attorney General Terry Goddard, who for some time has been expected to be in the mix of Democratic gubernatorial candidates in 2010. “I think it’s good, just like Terry is with others. The whole purpose of the primary is to pick a candidate who can actually win in November.”

Pederson is represented by Ziemba Waid Public Affairs. Jeanine L’Ecuyer of the firm said Pederson is “fascinated” to hear opinions of people who post comments, but “he will make up his own mind” as far as running for governor.

“These days, when it seems as though only lobbyists have access to the governor and the Legislature, StandUpForArizona.com allows people to address them and the issues they are considering,” the news release said. “We aren’t advocating for a particular group or belief. Under this governor and this Legislature, Arizona is off-course. We can find our way again, but we have to put our focus where it belongs on jobs, education, leadership and common-sense management of our state.”

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