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Burns says there’s no budget deal

Senate President Bob Burns provided a statement to the media late June 10 to clarify that legislative leaders have not reached a final budget agreement with the governor.

“There is no current budget deal. Discussions and negotiations continue,” Burns stated in the e-mail.

“These talks have included, among other things, the option of putting a sales tax to the voters. But as I said earlier, the issue (of the budget) is far from settled,” he noted.

Earlier in the day, Burns had said legislative leaders and Gov. Jan Brewer have reached a “tentative agreement” to move forward with a one-cent sales tax increase.

“There is basically a tentative agreement to go forward with a one-cent sales tax (increase),” Burns said after the floor session.

Later that day, House Speaker Kirk Adams told the Arizona Capitol Times that there was no deal in place. He did not elaborate.

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