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News Notes: Budgeteering

Capitol chatter continues to be that a budget deal is “close,” though none of the principals are talking about which issues have been agreed to and what compromises have been made. Speaker Kirk Adams, R-19, was circumspect with our reporter this morning, saying only that the sides continue to make progress toward a deal. He said they met yesterday for another brief update from staff on the day’s negotiations, but he declined to provide any specifics. Senate President Bob Burns, R-9, only said another three-party talk is scheduled for Monday.

There’s more on this story and five others in the June 19 Legislative Report. News Notes are based on items published in the Arizona Legislative Report – our hard-copy service that provides daily coverage of the Legislature. For more information about the Arizona Legislative Report, contact Arizona Capitol Reports at (602) 258-7026 or staff@azcapitolreports.com

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