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Working Saturday – but we love it

Looks like it’s off to work for the Capitol folks tomorrow.

What do you do when the boss comes in and says you’ve got to work Saturday? For us, it’s not a matter of the boss coming in – it was just a matter of if the Legislature is working, then so are we.

In most companies working on the weekend means giving up a personal day to catch up on errands, golf or spend time with family and friends. But for those who are entrenched at the Capitol on a daily basis, there’s really nothing to think about – other than “gotta get it done.”

When the Arizona Capitol Times and Capitol Reports staff mentioned early this week that the Legislature may be in session Saturday – no one complained. They’re actually thriving with this fast pace of bills flying and budget negotiations. Plus, we haven’t really had that many late nights this session compared to other sessions.

But we’re going to have fun down here anyway. Maybe we’ll have a staff BBQ. It’s the least I can do for such a committed team who loves what they do. Plus, with the seriousness of the session, a little fun never hurts.

So when you head to the Rim or Lake Pleasant this weekend, think of us and the lawmakers and lobbyists at the Capitol. They’re working so Arizona will have a budget in place before the June 30 deadline and to bring resolution to bills.

And, hopefully, we’ll all be looking back at this year’s session next Saturday and glancing ahead, wondering what’s in store when the 49th Legislature’s Second Regular Session starts in January.

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