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Kavanagh says TABOR might replace flat tax (access required)

House Appropriations Chairman Rep. John Kavanagh said some legislators have started to tout a taxpayer bill of rights, or TABOR, as an alternative to a flat income tax rate in the 2010 budget. Speaking at legislative wrap-up breakfast hosted by the Greater Phoenix Chamber of Commerce, the Fountain Hills Republican said there are issues with the ...


    How’s a TAXPAYER BILL OF RIGHTS gonna stop IDIOTS from spending more money than they HAVE or spending our money on other things, less important than education and a SOUND ECONOMY.? ? ?
    How about a TAX BILL that says they can’t spend any more money than they bring in, even if it means they have to move their offices INTO THE BASEMENT and GIVE UP ALL THEIR “PERKS” ! ! ! ! ! ! ! 1

  2. Representative Kavanagh, We do understand your point about controlling someone’s behavior but you dont seem to understand it when we want to control your behavior.

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