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CONTEST: When do you think the session will end?

The staff was geared up and ready to go on Saturday in anticipation that we would move a step closer to Sine Die. But the Legislature didn’t pass any bills on Saturday and actually maneuvered farther away from anything close to a budget deal.

Despite that, the staff was at the Capitol, keeping track of what was happening and posting stories to azcapitoltimes.com. At noon, we hauled out our grill and cooked some cheeseburgers, hamburgers, and brats, followed by chips and cookies.

Definitely not a healthy lunch – but high fat and sugar was in order.

Then, on Monday night, our Capitol Reports team – which works with Legislation On Line Arizona, our online legislative bill tracking program – was busy updating LOLA with action as it happens from the House and Senate.

There were quite a few Hotword amendment alerts going out (special e-mails for azcapitolreports.com subscribers that track key words and bills on tracking lists) and votes being taken on 12 budget bills that were referred to the education committee at 7 p.m that night. 

The House finally adjourned and will be back at it at 9 a.m. this morning.

The managing editor for Arizona Capitol Times has posted several tweets corresponding stories with all the details on our web site.

Who knows where and when this will all end. The staff is hunkering down for what they believe (as do our clients) will be a late night. Our office has given so much business to Papa John’s the last few weeks – that  it’s no longer necessary to read my credit card number over the phone.

Do you think session will end tomorrow before deadline? Will there be a government shutdown? Will Arizona vote in favor of a ballot proposition to raise the sales tax? I’d like to know your thoughts.

Post the day, hour, minute you think the budget will be signed. If someone gets it right, we’ll send you an AzCapitolTimes.com t-shirt and add three months to your Arizona Capitol Times subscription.

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