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Election law stymied at the end

Amendments yesterday (July 1) to state election law (H2603, substituted on floor with S1087) crashed and burned in the Senate as a negotiated fix-up for Clean Elections missed its necessary three-quarter majority. Now, lawmakers would have to get approval from Brewer to resurrect the idea in a special session. But, until then, running Clean Elections could be risky as federal judge Roslyn Silver is widely-expected to ban matching funds. Rep. Chad Campbell, who worked on the bill’s provisions, said he figured the Senate would produce a “close (but successful) vote.” But, he credited the loss to “extremist ideology” and good ol’ fashioned band-wagoning after several no-votes were posted. Longtime Clean Elections fan and founder Mike Valder also said “we had the votes,” but added he believed the long-hours and resulting grouchiness played a factor in the defeat…

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