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A vote for Thayer, but don’t hold your breath

One Senate insider suggested to our reporter that the GOP budget team should include Sen. Thayer Verschoor, who, the source said, was a superb negotiator when the Rs and Ds negotiated the FY08 budget in 2007. It was really Verschoor that negotiated the FY08 budget, with then-Sen. President Tim Bee acting as an overseer, the source said, adding that Verschoor knew where the pieces of the budget fit and he knew how to move people in his direction. Sen. President Bob Burns is an excellent “chairman of the board,” the source said, adding that playing both chairman and chief negotiator requires different sets of skills at different times. “I am not sure Bob can pull that off. And (Sen. Chuck) Gray and (Sen. Pam) Gorman are too partisan and incapable of compromise to work effectively with Democrats.”

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