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Gould: Brewer finished

Sen. Ron Gould says Gov. Jan Brewer will not see a full term because she can’t get along with her own party. She “will not make it through the next Republican primary,” he said, as reported by the Kingman Daily Miner. Legislators, he told a civic group, had been trying to engage Brewer in budget talks since February, but it wasn’t until June she began to discuss it. “She said, ‘If you send me a budget without a tax increase, I’m going to veto it,’ ” Gould said. Arizona simply cannot afford as much government as it once did, he said. The state found itself flush with cash several years ago as the housing market generated millions in sales tax revenue, he said. With the revenue stream from the housing market now dry, the state simply cannot afford to bankroll programs without significant cuts, he said. “We cannot get out of this by borrowing money.”

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