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Arizona lobbying in D.C. worth millions

Many Arizona entities spent lots of bread in the first half of the year to protect their flanks in D.C. Washington and Arizona-based lobbying firms and individuals were paid approximately $4.3 million for the six-month period, according to OpenSecret.org and other lobbying resources. Leading the list of spenders were Ratheon at $330,000 and Freeport McMoRan at $320,000. Several Arizona companies employed more than one lobbying firm. Spending for lobbying services nationwide has shrunk from $1.44 billion in 1998 to $800 million at the beginning of 2009. Registered lobbyists have increased by fewer than 100 in the past decade, from 10,676 to 10,711. Below is a breakdown of the Arizona lobbying activity in D.C. for January-June. The dollar amounts were reported “in the range of…”

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