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Impugning or just inappropriate?

Sen. Ken Cheuvront responded to Sen Jack Harper’s comment yesterday comparing the Senate Dems to the Sunni minority in Saddam Hussein’s Iraq – if they were to get their way in terms of policy, it would be a case of tyranny of the few over the interests of the many.

Cheuvront said today that neither he nor any member of the minority has ever been a Sunni. Second, he said two Republican U.S. presidents financially supported the Sunnis during Saddam’s reign – right up to his invasion of Kuwait. “To my knowledge, there has not been one member of this caucus who has received any financial support from any president, let alone a Republican president,” Cheuvront said. Third, he confessed to be confused because Harper didn’t identify the Kurds? “I don’t know who the Kurds are in this group.” And finally, he said minority members presently have no access to nor have they ever had access to weapons of mass destruction. And minority members have never resorted to violence.

“So I just want to make it plain that although we have been accused of being members of the Sunni sect – and I have no problems with the Sunni or the Shiites or the Kurds – I just don’t think that was an appropriate analogy,” Cheuvront said.

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