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Capitol Quotes 8/21

“I look at the executive branch, and at a certain point, this relentlessness is to be admired. This absolute fight to the death is to be admired. But at another point, it becomes childish, and you’ve got to bring the team together. And we are getting awfully close to that point.” - Sen. John Huppenthal, a Republican from Chandler, commenting on the budget impasse caused by Gov. Jan Brewer’s sales tax proposal.

“I don’t hope she vetoes them because I think if she vetoes them, it really puts us into a severe crisis mode.” - Sen. Thayer Verschoor, a Republican from Gilbert, on what he thinks Gov. Jan Brewer will do when she receives the most recent budget package.

“She will have lost all her bargaining chips.” - Senate Minority Leader Garcia, commenting on whether the governor will sign all the budget bills sent to her Aug. 20.

“There’s many people leaving Maricopa County and heading back to Mexico or other areas because they don’t like the sheriff enforcing the illegal immigration laws. And the only reason I say that, I’m not an – I guess everybody has egos. It’s not an ego-type thing.” - Maricopa County Sheriff Joe Arpaio, discussing his use of Arizona’s human smuggling law to continue his crime suppression sweeps.

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