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Capitol Quotes 8/28

“I think everyone knows she is adamant about getting her referral.” - Senate President Bob Burns, explaining the decision to adjourn the special session and begin bipartisan talks to work out a deal that would allow Gov. Jan Brewer’s sales tax increase to reach the ballot.

“Call my secretary, the governor. She’s setting my schedule.” - Rep. John Kavanagh, a Republican from Fountain Hills, commenting about the prospects of another special session to deal with the budget.

“We just gave her 10 more days to work up a new deal with somebody else.” - Sen. Ron Gould, a Republican from Lake Havasu City, who objected to the adjournment of the special session.

“We don’t shout in my town hall meetings.” - Sen. John McCain, responding to a woman who yelled during a town hall meeting in Sun City.

“It’s sitting there in plain sight, and I think about every day and every night.” - Gov. Jan Brewer, on the budget package that’s sitting on her desk awaiting her signature or veto.

“I always feel like I’m talking about North Korea and China.” - Sen. Jonathan Paton, speaking to reporters about five-party budget negotiations.

“It was a declaration of innocence. In some cases, when you are in these situations, (the verdict) is not guilty. But in this case, it was really a finding of innocence.” - Sen. John Huppenthal, commenting on a justice of the peace’s ruling regarding Huppenthal’s altercation with a Democratic activist last November.

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