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Enjoying the show?

Meanwhile, former state Republican executive director Sean McCaffrey seemed to fan the flames of those Democratic fears, telling our reporter that the Dems have “never relished their role in the minority so much.” McCaffrey, who is running the gubernatorial campaign of Republican businessman Robert Graham, said of the Dems: “The enjoyment that they’ve derived from saying, ‘We have nothing to do with this. We have nothing to do with this,’ it’s never been so great. [They] say, ‘Boy, I wish we could’ve been part of it,’ when all along there have been no ideas. … There have been no constructive additions to the public debate, other than, ‘It’s not our fault.’

They’ve made being in the minority a work of art – blameless. But idealess ought to be the new motto.” McCaffrey was critical of the Republicans’ handling of the situation as well. “The fact that … a group of people sitting around a table talking about something that they probably should’ve been talking about in February has to be called five-party-talks, shows us just how badly they are working together,” he said.

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