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Capitol Quotes 9/11

“Probably. We had a lot of dialogue. We had a lot of input. We learned a lot of people’s priorities. It certainly gave us a hand. It certainly gave me the opportunity to do what I’ve done today in order of doing some reasonable, carefully constructed vetoes to allow the state to move forward.” – Gov. Jan Brewer, in response to a question about whether the special session accomplished anything. The governor paused for about eight seconds before answering.

“I don’t think we are in a win-lose situation. I think we still have work to do and I think leadership needs to step up to the table, from all four caucuses, and work with the governor to put Arizona back on a track to financial stability.” – Sen. Debbie McCune Davis when asked who won politically in the budget drama.

“I guess the problem with using the word ‘defeat’ is it presumes that somebody won, and I don’t know that anybody has won this cycle. We haven’t won. The governor hasn’t won. And I don’t think the Democrats have won. And the state certainly hasn’t won.” – Sen. Jonathan Paton, commenting on the special session.

“She needs to look to her own Republican colleagues in the Legislature because that’s where the blockage is occurring.” – House Minority Leader David Lujan, referring to the inability of Brewer and the legislative majority to agree on a budget.

“I’m sorry that she sees it that way, but going forward, that kind of name-calling doesn’t really bother me.” – Sen. Jim Waring on Brewer’s comment that “extremist” Republicans and Democrats blocked a budget deal from going forward. Waring was among the few Republicans to vote against the deal.


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