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Rasmussen poll puts Goddard over Brewer

A Rasmussen poll shows Gov. Jan Brewer’s approval rating dropping into the 30s, and predicts a November win for Attorney General Terry Goddard if he faces her in the 2010 governor’s race.

The poll, released Sept. 29, is consistent with other recent polls showing Brewer’s approval ratings dropping. Only 8 percent of the 500 likely voters polled said they strongly approved of Brewer’s policies, with another 29 percent saying they “somewhat approve.” Thirty-six percent said they somewhat disapprove of the Republican governor’s policies, with another 21 percent strongly disapproving.

In a poll conducted by Rasmussen in May, 51 percent said they approved of Brewer’s job performance.

Rasmussen Reports, however, did not immediately make available information about the 500 likely voters polled on Sept. 24, including voter registration, age and other factors that often have significant impact on polling data.

Nonetheless, Goddard may take the poll as a good sign for his gubernatorial ambitions. Respondents said they would favor the Democrat over Brewer 42 percent to 35 percent, with 13 percent saying they would vote for another candidate and 11 percent saying they were not sure. The poll comes less than a week after Public Policy Polling, a North Carolina-based Democratic firm, released a poll showing Goddard with a 46-36 lead over Brewer if the two face off against each other in November. Brewer has not said whether she will seek a full term as governor, though she has maintained in recent weeks that she is “leaning toward” running.

The poll also gave Goddard an edge over his old Republican rival, former Gov. Fife Symington. Symington, who recently announced that he is considering a run for his old job, defeated Goddard in 1990 in one of the closest gubernatorial races in Arizona history. The Rasmussen poll showed Goddard beating Symington 44-37 percent if the two were to meet in the 2010 general election.

Brewer fared poorly in the poll on all fronts, with only 21 percent of respondents saying she did an excellent or good job handling budget negotiations, while 37 percent said she did a fair job and 38 percent saying she did a poor job.

Another politico who fared poorly in the poll was Sen. John McCain. Sixty-one percent of respondents said McCain has lost touch with his own party. Only 50 percent of respondents felt McCain had lost touch in May poll. Still, 56 percent approved of the way McCain was doing his job in the Sept. 29 poll.

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