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Simcox staying quiet

The big loser if former U.S. Rep. J.D. Hayworth jumped into the race might be Chris Simcox, who announced his intention to run months ago but has failed to pick up the steam his supporters had hoped.

Simcox was a one-time supporter of Hayworth, and their constituents in a GOP primary would likely be similar. Nevertheless, Simcox tells Yellow Sheet that he’s not concerned. “I think we should all just wait and listen to J.D.’s show today and I’m sure it will come up,” Simcox said. “I’m not too concerned about it.” Asked if it would be a blow to his efforts, Simcox responded: “With what I’m doing, nothing would be a blow to me. It really doesn’t have anything to do with party or anything like that.” Still, a Hayworth run would likely test some of Simcox’s support.

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  1. Cap Times,
    I have not endorsed ANYONE in the U.S. Senate race or any other race.

    Sen. Ron Gould

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