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Garcia to explore a run for Corporation Commission

Senate Minority Leader Jorge Luis Garcia said he will be exploring a run for the Arizona Corporation Commission.

Garcia said he would announce his plans on October 13 at a restaurant in Phoenix.

Garcia, a Democrat from Tucson, is facing term-limits next year. He is one of 11 senators who cannot seek reelection under a constitutional amendment approved in 1992 that limits the length of time that lawmakers can stay in office 

“I have been an advocate for families and I have been an advocate for the consumer while I was in the Legislature,” Garcia told the Arizona Capitol Times. He said he would continue this advocacy on the Corporation Commission if he eventually ends up running for the post and if he is elected.

Garcia first joined the Legislature as a House representative in the early 1990s. He rose to the position of assistant minority leader in the Senate in 2007.

His caucus shrunk after last year’s November election, when Sen. Al Melvin defeated Democratic candidate Cheryl Cage in District 26. That seat was held by Democrat Charlene Pesquiera, who did not seek reelection. Garcia now leads a caucus of 12 Democrats in a 30-member chamber.

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