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Capitol Quotes 10/16

“I still think there’s a federal law out there that gives me the authority to do this. I might not have the right one, but there is one out there.” - Maricopa County Sheriff Joe Arpaio, commenting on his authority to arrest illegal immigrants now that the federal government has changed the 287(g) agreement. He also was referring to the text of what he believed was a federal law that doesn’t exist in U.S. Code.

“I am not a lawyer, but I play one on TV and down here at the Capitol.” - Rep. Rick Murphy, a Republican from Glendale, on the possibility of passing a referendum to boost the state’s ability to send children to private schools.

“She’s resisting because all she wants to do is the sales tax referral and the technical fixes, but not touch the deficit.” - House Appropriations Committee Chairman John Kavanagh, a Republican from Fountain Hills, blaming Gov. Jan Brewer for the delay in calling a special legislative session.

“I want a stake through its heart. I’m going to spend all my waking moments trying to get that thing on the ballot.” - Sen. Jonathan Paton, a Republican from Tucson, commenting about his plan to let voters decide whether the Clean Elections public campaign finance system should be repealed.

“I think everybody is open to it (a special session), but we don’t want to just nibble around this problem. We want to take a big bite out of this $1.5 billion deficit.” - Rep. John Kavanagh, chairman of House Appropriations, on the possibility of a special session.

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