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Governor’s Office proposes cuts – vaguely

What would the Governor’s Office do to reduce its budget by 15 percent? Just that – reduce it by 15 percent. Anyone seeking more details, however, is bound to be disappointed.

Gov. Jan Brewer in September asked each state agency head to submit a report to her office detailing the effects of 15 percent cuts to their budgets. But the Governor’s Office’s own report is lacking in details, stating only that it would cut $1,140,795 in “expenses/personnel.”

The Governor’s Office posted its report online on Oct. 19, three days after many agencies’ reports were released publicly. On Oct. 16, the day the first batch of reports was posted online, Brewer spokesman Paul Senseman said the Governor’s Office intended to outline cuts to its own budget, but was delayed because of staff illnesses and assistance it lent to large agencies that needed help compiling their reports.

“We’ve been focused also on assisting the big agencies, getting theirs finished up, but I guess the main thing is we certainly intend to make our reductions just as others were required to,” Senseman said. He could not be reached for comment after the report was posted online.

The Governor’s Office’s budget actually increased by about $249,000 during the midyear budget cuts for fiscal year 2009. The office’s current budget, which was used for the 15 percent cut scenario, is $7,605,300.

Senseman did not return a message seeking comment on the report.

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