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East Valley Tribune to shut down; what’s next? (access required)

Freedom Communications has failed to muster an acceptable offer from anyone interested in buying the East Valley Tribune, and it's planning to shut down the Mesa-based newspaper at the end of the year. It's been a tough road for the employees, who have tried to keep afloat a paper that hasn't turned a profit for some time. ...


  1. Sad days… closing of a good NEWSPAPER.

  2. I remember when it was the “Mesa Tribune”. Maybe it should have stayed that way, I don’t know. *** I truly think/feel it is so unfortunate that the “daily newspaper” is going away. Personally, I prefer a paper to reading on the internet any day. And, I actually trust what I read in newsprint more than what is on a computer monitor. I’m not sure why — I just do. *** This is really sad and I am sorry for the loss, and for those who are losing their jobs because of it.

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