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Pollsters say Brewer isn’t toast

Gov. Jan Brewer’s poll numbers are among the lowest of any governor in the country. But the wild card, pollsters here say, is that many Arizona voters don’t know enough about the governor to have an opinion. “The hardcore anti-Jan Brewer constituency is relatively small, especially among the voting population,” said NAU pollster and political science professor Fred Solop. Solop said the challenge for Brewer is that her party is divided – in large part due to her advocacy for the sales tax referral. And in the general public, the inability of the Legislature and Brewer to solve the budget may be taking its toll. “The public is really suffering from this budget crisis,” Solop said. “She’s not seen as someone who can lead us through that. She’s doesn’t seem to have the power or the clout to pull the Republicans into line.”

PoPollster Earl de Berge says there’s still time for Brewer to reinvent herself, depending on how she performs on the stump. “She’s feisty, she knows what she believes and she doesn’t back off her position very much,” de Berge said. “Arizona likes rebels, and I would not discount that.”

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